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January, 2022

An online concert curated by Trio Estatico, including the premiere of my piece ‘Masks’ for three violas.


February, 2022

Jessica Cottis conducts the Manson Ensemble including my piece Behind the Shadow, commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music.

March, 2022

ZhuangZhouMengDie庄周梦蝶 for piccolo and electronic was premiered at the ABRH, performed by Joolee Kim

- Ballet project with the Central School of Ballet

April, 2022

This project was commissioned by the Central school of Ballet, in collaborate with choreographer Gerrard Martin, performed at thr Britten theatre in Royal College of Music.

August, 2022

A piece for solo piano, will be performed by Benjamin Powell.

August, 2022

Hashigakari for IEMA-Ensemble, supervised by Wolfgang Rihm and Dieter Ammann.

- The Mist for solo guitar commissioned by the International Guitar Soceity

October, 2022

This piece was premiered by Gus Mc quade and performed by Zoe Barnett at King's Place

9th of December, 2022

This piece is for Theorbo , Harpischord and Bass Viol.

13th of December, 2022

Hashigakari was selected to Happy New Ears concert series and it will be performed at the Oper Frankfurt.

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